The Team Edition is Out!

We are happy to announce that the Team Edition is published and at your use. With the Team Edition, managing customized workflows becomes a lot easier. Our new features include also more personalization options so that your app suits you, and your company’s needs even better.

As Benioff mentioned in his keynote at Dreamforce 2017, talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution; It’s about personalized learning, personalized experiences and last, but not least, personalized apps. All of the before mentioned enabling businesses to serve the needs of their customers better and faster.

Just like Zero Keyboard; a personalized sales app, making mobile use of Salesforce fast, easy and painless.

New features of the Team Edition:

  • Invite colleagues to join your team
  • Create new leads
  • Edit your workflow feed to match your company needs
    by adding or subtracting Q&A options
  • Choose workflows for your team
  • Direct payment within the app

Have a question? No worries. Visit our knowledge base.

Annina Pierson

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Silicon Valley

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